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Researching keywords for your site and products

Before you start creating web pages spend some time thinking about your products, services or site information and consider how the potential web user might search for this.  You also need to ask yourself who the site is targeting.  If you are looking for anoraks or geeks then your site will use keywords that are technical, if you want to make the site attractive to the general public then the terminology used should be simple and clear.  You should try to come up with as many keyword phrases as you can think of then try asking a few friends and family what they would search for when searching for a site like yours.  Finally don’t forget the competition check out their site and have a look what keywords they have used.

What you are looking for are phrases not individual words because you are unlikely to be able to target a word unless it is very unusual.  Think "specific keyword phrases" not "keywords". Why? Due to the extreme amount of competition for general terms in the search engines, if your keyword phrases are too general it is very unlikely you will rank well in the search engines. You stand a far better chance to rank well for specific phrases where there is less competition. The resulting traffic, since it is more highly targeted, should also be much higher quality too.

The other important point about keywords is that it is advantageous to know what people are searching for and whether the terms you are intending to use as your keywords are as popular as other terms that could equally well be used.  To help you with this you could try Google Adwords Research and or Yahoo Search Marketing this site will allow you to search for individual keywords and see whether other phrases are more often searched on Yahoo.  This works best when you use single words (even if you have a phrase in mind) to see the popularity of other similar phrases. You will find out how many searches were conducted on a keyword or phrase within a one month period.  You can also see how words / phrases have performed over a period of time in various regions of the world by looking at Google search trend analysis .  Unfortunately this does not provide a quantitative representation of the searches but it does show useful regional and trend information.

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