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Web site page keywords and copy

You are now ready to start work on the web site pages.  Again you need to start thinking about keywords that will form the backbone of the page copy.  The copy itself should be well written English, which is useful and interesting to the reader but should be littered with your important keywords.

Use headings wherever possible and make sure these use HTML heading tags to get the best performance.  The headings should of course contain your keywords.

The Search Engines will be looking at the page and ignoring the majority of graphical elements but paying great attention to the words that make up the page copy.  To help you gain an appreciation of the Search Engine  spider or crawler view visit

You should also try to think laterally when choosing keywords for your page.  For example if you are selling thermal underwear on your site instead of taking the obvious approach of using ‘thermal underwear (’Yahoo 4724 searches) as the keyword another perhaps complementary approach might be to utilize a page that talks about the user groups like fishermen and how they benefit from using the product.  The key phrase then would become ‘fishing gear’ (Yahoo 7667 searches).

You can obtain a comprehensive keyword report from

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