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Your Domain Name

You are now ready to start considering your domain name.  Most people would immediately start looking for domain names that match their company name.  Well while this is an ideal solution if you are Tesco (where everybody knows about your company) it will not work so well if you are a small business that is relatively unknown.  If this is the case then you want to include your keywords in the domain name so that it ‘says what it does on the tin’.

The Search Engines will place value in the placement of keywords in the domain name.  You might want to take a look at the enetica domain name suggestion tool to help you come up with a few ideas.  If you are considering Top Level Domains other than .com or .net then take a look at the UWHOIS domain name checker that will allow you to check most top level domains.

If you want to check the availability of a domain name now and take advantage of our excellent rates then please visit our domain registration page.

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