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If you read your mail using Microsoft Outlook, and are having problems, the first step is to check your settings.
To do this, open Outlook, and on the top navigation bar, click Tools and then Services (or in some versions of Outlook Accounts)
Select from Menubar

When you click Services you will see this screen;
Select Add a service

Click Add and you will see this screen;
Add Internet e-mail

Select Internet E-mail and click the OK button.

General Mail Account Properties

Enter your details as shown above. Then click Servers to go to this screen;

Server Mail Account Properties

Here, enter the e-mail settings needed to download your e-mail. These are;
Incoming mail (POP3) -
Outgoing mail (SMTP) - If you are using our dial-up service then use if not use your existing ISP for example (if you are using Tiscali)

Enter your account name and password. Remember that your account name is your Username (supplied with your account details) followed by a - symbol then all of the characters that come before the @ symbol in your e-mail address.
Leave the checkbox Log on using Secure Password Authentication clear, and then click the Connection tab

Connection Mail Account Properties

Here, make sure that Connect using my modem has a dot to the left of it, and that the Modem - use the following dial up networking connection is set to the correct dial-up
Then then click the Connection tab to see this screen;

Advanced Mail Account Properties

Make the settings as shown above. Only select the 'Leave a copy of the Messages on the server' option if you intend to use webmail;

Click OK on the Mail Account Properties. Then click OK on the Services screen.



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